внучка Фрейда
Words are limited. Words, no matter how perfectly chosen are fragments of meaning.
If you are sensitive you will know that the deepest experiences are the most difficult to express. In fact, the most significant things to be shared in life require no words, demand silence.
Real communication is possible only with someone who understands you in a way that is deeper than words; someone who has his own inner knowledge of that which you experience.
When two people have such an understanding they can communicate. They communicate without words, beyond words. If words are needed, there is probably a lack of communication. And if many words are needed, the attempt is probably hopeless. The fewer words you need, the more powerful the communication will be.
There is a problem with words. Your mind is not limited by the physical, it can grasp things that are very high, far above the limits of the finite, material world; but words are finite and limited.

Only in real silence can you really understand. Only silence can contain a deeper knowledge.

In a world full of talking we have to learn silence. Before you can speak wisdom, you must be able to hear. And before you can hear, you must be silent. In that absolutely quite place in your innermost depth, you will find wisdom, and you will find yourself. And there you will come to know that in one moment of that silence is contained more than all the words in the world.